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Ancient history and settlement.

Mustang is an ancient forbidden kingdom, bordered by the Tibetan plateau and sheltered by some of world’s tallest peaks, including 8000-meter tall Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Strict regulations of tourists here have aided in maintaining Tibetan traditions. The name “Mustang” is derived from the Tibetan word meaning, “Plain of Aspiration. Upper Mustang was only opened to foreigners in 1992 (annual quota at present of 1,000 people). It is a popular area for trekking and can be visited year-round (regardless of season).


Ancient history and settlement.

The Tibetan frontier stretches north from Mustang’s borders. This is a high-altitude trans-Himalayan region spread over 3,640 square kilometers in area barely north of the main Himalayan mountain range. Geographically this cold high-altitude steppe is a part of the Tibetan highlands. Average elevation of Mustang is 13,200 ft (2,500m), coming to a peak at 8,167m — the summit of Dhaulagiri. It is a vast and arid valley, distinguished by eroded canyons, vividly coloured stratified rock formations and barren high-altitude deserts. The mean minimum monthly air temperature falls to -2.7 °C in winter while the maximum monthly air temperature reaches 23.1 °C in summer.



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