Rara Lake

Highest freshwater lake in the Nepalese Himalayas

Rara Lake is the biggest fresh water lake in the Nepalese Himalayas. It is the main feature of Rara National Park, located in Jumla and Mugu Districts. In September 2007, it was declared a Ramsar site, covering 1,583 ha including the surrounding wetland.

Key Information

  •    Distance  :  1250 ktms
  •    Bike  :  SWM Silver Vase 440
  •    12  :  Riding Days
  •    14  :  Total Days
  •    Level  :  Easy
  •    Normal  :  Easy Ride
  •    VIP Package  :  4135 Euros
  •    Ford Ranger  :  Passenger Possible
  •    Booking Fee  :  1000 Euros
  •    Maximun RIders  :  17 Riders
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    Arrival Day in the City of Kathmandu and welcoming ceremony by Off Road Nepal Crew, check inn in the Hotel and tour briefing, welcoming dinner and local tour in Thamel.

    Wake Up Call ! early as we have to take the highway as early as possible to avoid the crazy morning traffic, we ride our Italian Scrambler SWM 440 and take the Pritivy Highway, is a day of excitment as we are in the road for the first time, all is new and we are excited, ride until we reach Butwal, our first stop, overnight and relax in the Hotel.

    Our longesst day..339 kmts we have to do today so we ride fast and safe, we start early as keep riding hard all the day until we reach our final destination, is a long ride but we are stunned by the local beauty and the freedom of riding in Nepal, we reach our destination in the night and head straigh to the Hotel, a nice ride...

    Toda is a easy and wonderfull ride of only 130 kmts, is an easy secondary small highway wher we will have the Karnali River following us in some parts, fantastic scenery of mountains and villages is part of the experience, we arrive in Dailek, the next day we may buy some leather goods as Dailek is famouns in all Nepal for the craftmanship and quality.

    Today is the day we were waiting for, the stunning view of the absolutely beatiful Rara Lake, we reach after sorting very local roads and incredible scenery, villages and fields are our company during the ride, we enjoy every second of it, we reach Rara and rest the evening under the sky full of starts contemplating the Lake under the moonlight...and a amazing barbecue..

    Waker up Call ! We head back to Surkhet as we say goodbye to the Rara Lake, we take the road in a sunny morning and ride all the way back to Sukhet, stop for a local lunch and enjoy the rest of the evening in Surkhet

    Today we head to the amazing Bardia National Park, enjoy the road as we reach our amazing destination.

    An amazing day for riding today, we head to Palpa, twisted roads and local villages along the mountains are our companion, we ride at easy pace and stop for taking pictures and videos along the route..reach Palpa and enjoy the rest of the Evening.

    Nice 115 kmts today in a mountain road that take us back to Pokhara, enjoy every second of the ride as the SWM Scramblers are made of it...reach Pokhara and enjoy the legenday nightlife of the Lakeside Lane in Busy Bee or Rolling Stones Bar..Cheers !

    Today we take it easy as we rest or explore more xtreme activities like Paragliding, Zipline or Bungee Jumping..

    We say goodbye...to the amazing City of Pokhara and we head back to Kathmandu, we may take the Gokha divertion or just head straigh taking the main Highway, last 200 kmts of a ride of a lifetime that we know some day we'll repeat...Nepal is truly an amazing place to free ride..we reach Kathmandu and enjoy the Farewell Dinner...

    We say goodbye, but we are sure you will come for more to enjoy any of our other tours, goodbye my friend...Once is not enough