Enduro Madness


Explore Pokhara, just come to our HQ in Lakeside Centre and gear up ! we ride all day along the local trails, if you want to extend it is up to you, we are here to take you to amazing trails in the Husqvarnas !! we ride more if you want, just let us know what you want !

Key Information

Distance :    150 km
Pokhara :    Nepal
Enduro :    Husqvarna 250 EF & 350 EF
Flexible :    1
All levels :    Off Road
All levels :    Medium
Per Day :    185 Euros
Maximun RIders :    11


If time is tight, this ride is for you!!  These incredible rides are as easy as it gets!  Simply come to our HQ in Lakeside Centre and gear up, pick your dificulty, or attractions, and we'll ride all day! If one day just isnt enough, we can add more days and explore new trails around Pokhara, its all up to you! Places like Pame, Panchase, Peace Pagoda,360 Pointview, Mahashiva Temple and much more are all close but and extremely fun to ride to.  Pokhara has endless possibilities for riders of all levels.  You could ride all week and never ride the same route twice!